kondusif in malay

kondusif in malay

Translation of kondusif | … kondusif. conducive. adjective. 1. conducive,
favourable, stimulative. Word of the Day. iring.

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kondusif translation in Malay-English dictionary. … Example sentences with ”
kondusif”, translation memory.

Meaning of kondusif in the Malay dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for
kondusif and translation of kondusif to …

Need to translate “kondusif” from Malay? Here’s what it means.

Contextual translation of “kondusif” from Malay into Chinese (Simplified).
Examples translated by humans: condusive, …

Contextual translation of “kondusif” into Malay. Human translations with
examples: MyMemory, World’s Largest …

Contextual translation of “kata seerti bagi kondusif” into Malay. Human
translations with examples: marah, kata seerti …

Maksud perkataan kondusif adalah / The meaning of kondusif is … How to
pronounce kondusif in Malay (Male Audio).

kondusif translate in English -> conducive enviroment, conducive, stabilized,
supposed to be conducive, was favorable,

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