kondusif english

kondusif english

Translation of kondusif in English: kondusif. conducive. adjective. 1. conducive,
favourable, stimulative. Word of the Day.

kondusif translation in Malay-English dictionary. … Example sentences with ”
kondusif”, translation memory.

kondusif translation in Indonesian-English dictionary.

English translation of kondusif – Translations, examples and discussions from

Contextual translation of “kondusif” into English. Human translations with
examples: conducive, words are conducive.

Contextual translation of “lebih kondusif” into English. Human translations with
examples: over, more, move, gorge, …

Need to translate “kondusif” from Malay? Here’s what it means. … English
Translation. conducive. Find more words!

Learn kondusif in English translation and other related translations from Malay to
English. Discover kondusif meaning …

Translation for: ‘iklim kondusif’ in Indonesian->English dictionary. Search nearly
13 million words and phrases in more …

Translation of kondusif in English. Translate kondusif in English online and
download now our free translator to use any …

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