hijab meaning

hijab meaning

A hijab in common English usage is a veil worn by some Muslim …. and
commentators translate the Arabic into English words with a general meaning,
such as veils, head-coverings and shawls.

Most Muslims who wear the covering call it a hijab (حجاب), an Arabic word
meaning “cover.” However, there are various …

hijab. A hijab is a head covering scarf that some Muslim women wear in public.
For many such women, the hijab …

Hijab definition is – the traditional covering for the hair and neck that is worn by
Muslim women.

22 Sep 2014 … Infographic: Explained: the differences between the burka, niqab, hijab, chador
and dupatta.

Definition of hijab – a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women.

hijab definition: 1. the head covering that some Muslim women wear when they
are outside 2. the religious law that …

21 Apr 2017 … The hijab is a head covering, generally a veil or a scarf, worn in public or in the
presence of …

Islamic Hijab: its Form and Meaning. Woman was greatly afflicted in two ways
which were the main source of different …

Hijab definition: A hijab is a scarf that some Muslim women wear, which covers
their hair and neck . | Meaning …

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