hijab in sports

hijab in sports

15 Mar 2017 … Ibtihaj Muhammad, Nike Hijab, Muslim athletes, Hijab basketball, Kulsoom
Abdullah, Nike.

10 Jan 2018 … Last year was a big one for the designers at sporting brand Nike. They created
the exclusive Mercurial …

Among these remarkable athletes, it was the female Muslim Olympians that dominated headlines.
… Can Muslim women play sports?
… Among the many female Muslims competed at this year’s Summer Olympic Games, hijab-wearing women received the most media attention.

Athletic Powerhouse Nike won major cool points for inclusion in February, with
their Nike “Equality” ad (for Black History …

Muslim women have been involved in sport since Islam’s beginning in ….. To
combat this issue, several companies have developed sports hijabs that are no
more dangerous than commonplace sports …

8 Nov 2017 … Since this was my first experience playing a sport in hijab, I found myself in a fix. I
didn’t know how to …

2 Nov 2017 … In March, when sports manufacturer Nike launched its “Nike Pro Hijab”, it made
obvious business …

… brand working to increase sports participation and physical activity among
Muslim gals, starting with sports hijabs.

10 Aug 2018 … The sports apparel manufacturer managed to legitimise the hijab across two very
different narratives, …

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